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Throat pain, clearing of throat and lump feeling in throat

Definition/symptoms: the feeling in one's throat like something is stuck there and it will not go down. One will be clearing the throat trying to get rid of this sensation. Sometimes one may be hoarse and have trouble swallowing.

Possible causes/treatment: one will be told that it is most likely due to drainage or mucus in the throat or due to sinus drainage.  This is not true. After a careful exam of the throat and larynx, it is very unusual to find any masses or mucus or drainage in the throat or larynx and usually a CAT scan is gotten of the neck and the CAT scan is almost always normal. The feeling is due to cramping of the muscles of the throat, made worse by clearing the throat and the symptoms are perpetuated by continuing to clear the throat.

Treatment is to stop clearing the throat, but swallow a sip of water when one has this feeling.  Never give into clearing the throat, but swallow water instead.

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