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Salivary gland disorders (swelling and stones)

Definition/symptoms: when one eats, the parotid gland, that is in front of the ear and the sub maxillary gland that is under the jaw bone, can enlarge from the secretions that are made in them not getting out through their ducts and then the swelling and pain in the glands occur.

Possible causes/treatment: dehydration is the major cause of this painful swelling and drinking an extra two quarts of liquids per day, mainly water, is the treatment. Another cause is stones. Stones in the parotid duct rarely cause this problem to the parotid gland, but stones frequently form in the duct from the sub maxillary gland and frequently cause this painful swelling. If the stone can be found and excised, this swelling can be resolved. If a stone cannot be found and symptoms continue, removal of the submaxillary gland is indicated.

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