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Nasal allergy (allergic rhinitis)

Definition: the internal nose reacts to pollen, dust, molds getting into the nose.

Symptoms/possible causes: sneezing, itchy eyes, clear nasal drainage, nasal blockage, face pressure, being more tired than normal (fatigue), and eyes swelling in the morning. These symptoms are usually worse in spring (beginning of March to end of May) and fall (beginning of September to the end of October).

Some patients have these symptoms year round.  Causes of why someone becomes allergic are not known, but heredity plays a major role.

Possible course of treatment: the weakest treatment is an antihistamine;  a stronger one is a cortisone spray;  and the strongest is a cortisone (PAINLESS) shot into the nose that will last 3 - 4 weeks with the patient having no symptoms.  Seeing an allergist and getting skin testing and then receiving shots is the fourth option of treatment.  The last option is moving out of Dallas and living where there is a lot less pollen, dust and molds, like the West Coast.

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