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Neck Masses

Definition/symptoms: a lump is found in the neck that was not there before. It is usually not painful, usually is found by the patient or by the physician on exam.

Possible causes/treatment: infection in the throat drains into the neck and lymph nodes become enlarged from infection being filtered by the lymph node. These masses are usually painful, touching or not touching them, and the treatment is to give antibiotics. Another cause is a cyst in the neck, there since birth, and it suddenly enlarges. This can be painful or non-painful. Surgical excision is indicated. Another cause is lymph node in the neck enlarges from a cancer in the throat or larynx, spreading through lymphatic vessels to the node, which is not painful. A careful exam and biopsy of the throat or larynx are indicated first and then a plan of treatment is formulated. A not too unusual cause is a lymphoma or Hodgkin's disease can form in a lymph node in the neck, and enlarge the lymph node without pain. Excision is the treatment.

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