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Broken nose

Definition: The nasal bones are broken and the external nose is either pushed to one side of the face or the other side of the face causing an external nasal deformity.

Symptoms/possible causes: broken noses always occur due to force to the nose causing two symptoms: the external nose is different from what it looked like prior to the trauma and nasal blockage is the only other symptom that occurs.

Possible course of treatment: if the nasal bones are fractured (broken) but not displaced, therefore there is no nasal deformity and there is no nasal blockage, then no treatment is needed.  If there is nasal blockage and the external nose has now been changed in appearance, a closed reduction of the nasal bones is the only treatment.  This has to be done in the first two weeks after the injury.  After two weeks the nasal bones heal and the nasal bones will not be able to be moved. The closed reduction can be done with local anesthesia in the office for adults or in the operating room for adults and children under general anesthesia.

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