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Acute flu

Definition: A virus from another person gets into the nose or mouth in the previous 24- 36 hours.

Symptoms/possible causes: the cause is a virus that enters the body from the nose or mouth given to one by another person who is infected with the virus.  Winter time is the most common time when flues are prevalent.  Daycares spread the flu virus greatly.

Symptoms usually start with a sore or scratchy throat, followed by nasal blockage and a runny nose, then headache.  After these symptoms, chills, aching, and hoarseness can occur.  Finally coughing starts.  One does not have to have all of the symptoms above to have the flu.  Fever may or may not necessarily be a symptom of the flu.

Possible course of treatment: one should get the flu shot each year and if one starts to get the symptoms of the flu listed above, I ask that you call the office within the first 24 - 36 hours of getting the first symptom, I come to the phone to listen to your complaints, and if I think you have the flu, I call in Tamiflu for you, which weakens the virus so you get better faster and with less severe symptoms than if you had not taken the Tamiflu. One is contagious for 8 days once you get the virus into your body. After 36 hours have passed, Tamiflu will not help the flu.

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